Saturday 20 April 2013

Venusian Plow - Park For Cars

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This has got to be one of the more interesting musical projects we've heard for a while. Not necessarily in terms of a concept as such, more in that the songs are just plain baffling, eclectic, brilliant, awful and confusing all at once. Venusian Plow is the project of Leeds-based Brazilian Felipe Petry and this is his second release. The press blurb that came with it (and is probably on his website too) doesn't shed much light on things. But we're commending the chap on being such an individual and ignoring just about every band around him in pursuit of these oddball songs.

The first track is 'Park For Cars' which is about the post-recession council turning redundant spaces into car parks despite the fact that the city is lacking green spaces. Not boy-meets-girl then. It's whirlwind of instruments, unusual vocals and strange sounds. If you have a hangover it may cause dizziness. He does tackle relationships on B-side 'Happy Angry' though, but again this is done in a way few could conceive; strange tempo changes, different vocal pitches, general WTFness. We hope he continues making these strange songs for a very long time.

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