Thursday 18 April 2013

Burning Condors - Knockout/Riot In The Streets

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To adapt the old footballing cliche; this is a single of two halves. In fact you'd have no problem convincing anyone that two different bands were responsible for these two songs. This is the second single to be taken from 'Round Our Way', the debut album from London quartet Burning Condors which is set for release in the autumn. Such a date would usually indicate that a band is planning on making a splash at the festivals, then capitalising on the new fans they've gained by closely following the live buzz with a hunk of music they can go out and buy. On first impressions, this doesn't seem the correct tactic for Burning Condors.

The first song here, 'Knockout' is a cinematic, bluesy, slow-paced number. You can hardly imagine the crowds going wild for it, despite the twanging guitars and soulful vocals. Then it's followed by 'Riot In The Streets', a song actually written shortly before the London riots. They claim it's a live favourite, we've listened to it and have no reason to disagree. This is high energy, slightly angry indie-punk. It all feels a bit like the post-Libertines scene from a decade ago, but that generation has grown up and there's a new one waiting for visceral guitar music like this. Maybe Burning Condors will be the ones that bring it to them.

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