Tuesday 16 April 2013

Moby & Mark Lanegan - The Lonely Night

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

You wouldn't think that hard-living, gravelly-voiced rock singer Mark Lanegan and housewives choice vegan techno boffin Moby would be a suitable match, would you? Then again, the same was said when he announced he was collaborating with the cute and cuddle Isobel Campbell from indiepoppers Belle & Sebastian, and that worked out incredibly well. This unlikely couple have joined forces to write and record a single which will be released for Record Store Day and, as we've said before, we wouldn't be covering it if it was just some leftovers put in nice packaging to show that they're "doing their bit". This is the real deal and a very fine song.

In a way you could probably come up with a rough approximation of the sound based on past form. Lanegan's voice is low, ragged and hardly full of the joys of spring. Moby's backing track is very minimal techno, slowed down to walking pace and with plenty of wafty atmospheric sounds. It's an ambient track with a dark baritone solemnly singling over the top, and it's really quite powerful, especially during the second half when more angelic voices join in and the track is held aloft like a beacon of hope, not a trawl through the gutter. The stop-motion video it well worth a look too. Perhaps Mark Lanegan can just make pairing up with any musician turn into something special.

Mark Lanegan's website

Moby's website

'The Lonely Night' will be available in actual record shops on April 20th

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