Thursday 18 April 2013

Paul Messis - Case Closed album sampler

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This isn't the first time we've entered the time warp that south-east singer-songwriter Paul Messis exists in. Most recently it was for his collaborative single with Jessica Winter. Having always been quite prolific, Messis has a sizable back catalogue of singles, but the past year has been spent working on new album 'Case Closed' which is out this week on limited edition vinyl and will be his second full-length. There are only 500 copies, so get in quick, because if our press sampler EP is anything to go by it'll be a heavenly trip back in time for fans of '60s pop, rock, garage and psych.

The most obvious reference to the sound of Paul Messis would be Lenny Kaye's Nuggets compilations; he doesn't stick solidly to one idea. So the hectic and ragged garage of 'Sowing Seeds' sits alongside the Byrds jangle of 'It Doesn't Matter To Me' which is slightly sweeter tasting. 'Happy This Way' is a lively, surfy, proto-punk track that sits at the rougher end of the beat-explosion. More of that jangly guitar takes over the sunkissed psychedelia of 'Sad How A Love Fades Away and that early garage sound returns for 'Nickles And Dimes'. These are the songs we've heard so far, but you can be sure of a whole lot more retro delights on the album; retro, but always authentic sounding.

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