Monday 22 April 2013

RISE - Purple Heart

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This will be the debut single by RISE, a Manchester band so new they're barely out of the womb. You see the location, you expect guitars and you expect a laddish swagger. Unfortunately that goes with the territory of being four blokes from Manchester who've formed a band. You can hear a faint trace of that side of the city's musical history to 'Purple Heart', but really you can leave those notions behind. Yeah they play guitars, but these guys have their sites set on bigger things, and we don't mean mammoth gigs at Knebworth. RISE, by the sounds of this first offering are looking outside of the indie norm.

'Purple Heart' is well on its way to becoming a very good space-rock track, and we suspect that more psychedelic times lie ahead of them. There's a bit of shoegaze in here too, that almost goes with the whole space/psych territory anyway, and the guitars are a wall of fuzz. So there's none of that outdated swagger, and plenty of opportunity for some good music ahead. If we look to the past, they remind us slightly of relatively unknown shoegaze band Bailter Space who often explored similar areas. Judging by this one track, this isn't the finished article just yet, some work needs to be done and the band probably realise that, but it also feels like they're loaded with potential.

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