Saturday 27 April 2013

DogGone - Lilith

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We first heard about London quartet DogGone a few weeks back after they sent in a demo track. We said at the time that it had been sitting around doing whatever the computer file equivalent of gathering dust is for a while before it grew on us enough to write about. Much the same has happened with this new track from the band, an unmastered song called 'Lilith'. It didn't really register much on first listen, but like the one before it grew over time. So now we're sharing it for your listening pleasure!

There's currently very little that's truly remarkable about DogGone as they're at the very beginning stages of their career (or life as a band or however you want to describe it) but it should be noted that although the songs lack a bit of studio punch and a few tweaks here and there, what we've heard so far has the potential to become great, rather than being great in its current form. 'Lilith' is no exception, and it's exciting to be following the birth of a band who could have a bright future ahead. We await more updates...

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