Friday 26 April 2013

Young Rival - Two Reasons

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OK, we'll come to the video in a bit, but first the song. Canadian trio Young Rival released their latest album, 'Stay Young', back in October. But as ongoing promotion for a very decent powerpop record, they're releasing one of the album's highlights as a single. 'Two Reasons' doesn't bother with an intro, it just launches straight into the song full-on. Why waste time messing around? Likewise the rest of the track barely pauses its combination of pop/punk guitars, melodic vocals and catchy hooks. It's essentially perfect single material; difficult not to like, and no needless flab.

It's not often that a good song is overshadowed by its video (many bad ones are of course), but what they've done here is quite incredible and should probably win an award. No, sod it, it should win loads of awards. And the make-up artist behind it (James Kuhn) should receive whatever the Canadian version of a knighthood is. It's impossible not to be transfixed by the images, and trying to work out exactly which part of the head or which angle you're viewing it from. It's not something that's easy to describe. So watch it and see, and them be thankful that YouTube has that little replay button.

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