Saturday 27 April 2013

Huntronik - Huntronik

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Formed in 2010, beginning as a duo and then adding a bassist into the mix, Huntronik are a power-psych rock trio from Brooklyn who merge the genres of electronics and rock on their 9-track, self-titled debut LP, and that my friends is pretty much all I know about them. There seems to be a deceiving hush following the electro/krautrock scene where quite often the artists are nameless and faceless hidden behind bright lights and synthesizers allowing the music to do all the talking in the truest, computerised form.

Keeping their comparisons within the folds of the modern New York experimental scene, Huntronik give an insight into their sound being an "edgy" version of Battles, and a more melodic and structured Black Dice which, when looking at the album from the point of view of progression, is apt in its futuristic and contemporary expansion beyond the roots of '70s kraut without letting go of those foundations entirely. When I saw that the opening track was entitled 'Rabies', I prepared myself for what I guessed would be a manic epidemic of overwhelming, infectious sound. While the sound is catchy, it's not overpowering and after a relatively long and steady metronomic intro, the vocals, ironically in my circumstance, kick in with “we’re gonna tell you how it’s gonna to be”. Good on you lads, no one likes an assumption do they!

'Everyone is A Website' makes a fair amount of use of psychedelia to give the impression that every fibre of your being is being fed into a computer and then regurgitated back out again. The track leaves a scan-like imprint charging you up and then bringing you back down again. 'Baldy' is a good 'un, with an underlying eccentric '70s flare. There's a quirky electronic splurge full of funk and fun and is definitely one of the richest tracks on the album. Beginning with quirky organ 'No Deceiver' makes full use of instrumental, literally bubbling off in all kinds of racy directions and is without a doubt my favourite from a charmingly eclectic album. Nice work, Huntronik.

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