Sunday 21 April 2013

Coasts - Wallow

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This will only be the second single for Bristol band Coasts but it sounds like they've been making tunes like this for a long time. We're talking epic indie-rock here, not of the slightly tepid Coldplay variety, this is harder, the guitars more rugged, the whole thing is just too angry for that. Despite this there's every chance that Coasts could go on to be a big deal if trends turn back to guitar music again. This song sounds like it was designed to be played in big venues, possibly outdoors and possibly at festivals.

Saying that, certain guitar bands (Biffy Clyro, Muse) do still attract that kind of audience. Coasts aren't as heavy as the former or as outlandish as the latter and they're not currently at the level where they can get away with throwing just about any sounds they like into a song and have their fans in a frenzy. And hopefully they will never turn into a band like that. We've got Biffy and Muse, it would be good to have a stadium-sized indie-rock band who were a little more tasteful.

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