Friday 26 April 2013

Pirate Sons - 233U EP

EP review by Marcus Leyton

Since the end of The White Stripes, indie-rock has been missing something. There was something irreverent about their approach, something rough and ready, yet well produced, that lent energy to their sound. Pirate Sons, a new Three-piece based in Scotland, have done an excellent job of capturing that feel on their new EP. Built around snarled vocals, clashing guitars and huge drum beats, '233U' is as close to rock and roll as has been heard so far this year. The tunes are up-tempo and loud, but controlled so the song doesn't get lost in all that distortion. There are even hints of The Strokes in their track construction.

The highlight, arguably, is closer 'Long Gone'. Often, rock bands round off their releases with something introspective, to show they have the ability to tone it down a bit after all. And perhaps there is an introspective song in here somewhere, but it's hard to notice when there so much crashing distortion and rhythm switching to enjoy. It sums up the EP and The Pirate Sons’ approach perfectly. Great fun.

Pirate Sons' website

The '233U' EP will be released on June 2nd via Bandcamp

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