Monday 22 April 2013

Cave Painting - Rio

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Following a trip to SXSW, Brighton trio Cave Painting are lining up the first new material to be released since their debut album 'Votive Life'. The 'Rio' EP will be released next week and consists of three new songs which sound as though they'll be continuing the band's tasteful and interesting mix of indie/pop/rock and a touch of experimentation, and it's possible that the title-track is up there with the best they've had to offer so far, with a steady build and an air of majesty.

It's that classic trick of controlled constraint that makes 'Rio' work. They could go overboard with the orchestration and histrionics on this one, but keep it pared-down, allowing the song to do the work. And so from the steady beginning of chugging, exotic-sounding guitar and vocals that aren't strained, there comes a quivering backing of (probably) synths which is soon joined by more guitars and more voice, all at a steady pace. A brief pause then gives way to the song's steady but grand finale. Very nicely done.

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