Tuesday 23 April 2013

Black Sands - She

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

The Great British indie band. Year after year they form and record variations on what the previous generation of Great British indie bands did, each time yielding diminishing returns. Black Sands are a Great British indie band, they come from Bury St Edmunds and consist of your traditional four-piece set-up, in this instance made up of two sets of brothers. Following two self-released EPs, this week they unveil their 'Introduction' EP, their most accomplished recording to date, made in a proper studio and released the proper way.

So it's the same old story then? Well not quite, because 'She' is a cracking tune. Yeah it's not different from what you've heard before, but this is anything but dull. It picks elements of post-punk, '90s indie and the more recent guitar groups, but it avoids getting lost in the fog of other bands by simply being a better tune. Black Sands seem like a band with something about them, something that identikit indie bands don't usually have, and that is individuality; something that comes naturally, as the song, as good as it is, is all borrowed parts. So we're left to conclude that these guys are a cut above the competition, and will hopefully give Great British indie fans something to look forward to again.

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