Sunday 21 April 2013

Flash Pan Hunter - Quiz Show

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There's definitely a sense of humour about this new single from Brighton's Clark Gregg, the man behind Flash Pan Hunter, but it can't be dismissed as novelty. The song distills certain aspects of actual modern life into one piss-taking tune. "When you wanna lose another hour or two it's the quiz show". Yes, the TV quiz show. An omnipresent aspect of modern day human life. Even if you only have the basic freeview package you can almost certainly find a quiz show in some shape or form going on almost entirely around the clock. Got satellite or cable? There are whole channels dedicated to the things.

Maybe that's what our generation will become. When people look back in 100 years time they'll laugh and be perplexed at how obsessed we were with this format. Of course 'Quiz Show' the song is another thing entirely, a indie/pop/punk track that's inspired by Western soundtracks and past alternative bands such as Denim or Half Man Half Biscuit. It's not short of hooks though, so once you've had a grin at the lyrics and seen the grey boredom expressed by the deliberately monochrome (but still funny) video, you'll still probably want to hear the song a few more times.

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