Saturday 27 April 2013

The Beardy Durfs - Bitcoins

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We hope The Beardy Durfs haven't invested to much time in actual bitcoins, because in the last couple of weeks the value of this imaginary currency has plummeted. Mind you, technically all forms of currency can be seen as imaginary creations with no actual worth whatsoever, but this isn't a philosophy debate, so back to the tune. We reviewed this Danish duo's debut album not long ago, and found it to be a bit experimental, a bit noisy at times, quite unorthodox, and generally a bit bonkers. But it's a great listen for anyone who fancies taking a leap out of the norm for 45 minutes or so.

It almost seems as though 'Bitcoins' is the worst possible choice for a single they could have picked, but maybe that's all part of their skewed vision of music. It's not that the song is bad by any means, more that it lacks any of the traditional attributes you'd normally associate with tunes that would be fitting to be heard on their own. 'Bitcoins' doesn't do much; it's a weak drum machine, some muffled vocals and distorted synths with the odd bit of melody peeking through on occasion. Just like the the way they went about making their album sound, The Beardy Durfs have their own view of what a "single" should be. And for this we salute them.

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