Thursday 18 April 2013

Opaque Stutters - Opaque Stutters EP

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Brian Choen is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. He makes music under the guise of Opaque Stutters and will be releasing his new album 'Heels Overhead' in June. In the lead-up to this, Opaque Stutters have put out this EP, some of which will also be appearing on the album, so you could consider this release a sampler of sorts. The overriding sound that Cohen appears to be aiming for here is alt-rock, especially on opener 'Benefit Of Doubt' which, while offering nothing new, is by no means a bad song. This isn't just a run through of the same old sounds though, and on other tracks a more exploratory style is introduced.

'Admire' is more choppy, almost funk even, but thankfully it doesn't head to far in that direction, combining it with a barrage of hard-rock guitars for the chorus. It's a harder sound that appears again on 'Alone', a song that allows discord to rule for a while before switching things completely on the slow and reflective 'Your Name' which even includes beatboxing. As a parting gesture we're treated to six-and-a-half minutes that combine all the aspects mentioned above into one song: 'Flattering'. It possibly exemplifies what Opaque Stutters are about and indicates that the album could be an interesting one, particularly if he heads for the more experimental side of things.

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