Saturday 27 April 2013

Blindness - Last One Dies EP

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By all accounts London quartet Blindness have been going down a storm live, but then they do have Debbie Smith adding her guitar wizardry to their set (if the name isn't familiar, she's been a member of Curve, Echobelly, The Nuns and more). If we have a listen to their new EP, 'Blindness', we find that they're not to shabby on record either. 'Humming Song (Intentions)' begins with a sampled voice and a solid, steady bassline and beat. But that's not the end of the story; it's not long before those barbed-wire guitar licks transform the atmosphere to something with much more punch.

'Serves Me Right' has a more industrial feel, and the clang of the sharp end of post-punk takes charge. They sound like they mean business. That distorted guitar again lifts the song somewhere else, it's a useful tool to have. And we haven't even mentioned the lead-track yet. 'Last One Dies' is just about the pick of the bunch and is a very modern sounding alt-rock/punk/indie number with a driving beat, bellicose lyrics and a chorus that could be made for radio. Essentially this is what the Garbage comeback should have been like. Bit it wasn't, so that makes it one-nil to Blindness then.

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