Tuesday 16 April 2013

The Colleagues - The Sweet Simple Colours EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

It's been something of a blessing being introduced to Southeast Asia Indie (SEA Indie) who are currently putting out a run of EPs through UK label Dufflecoat Records, because not only have they sourced some top-notch indiepop bands, but these bands are free from the trappings of the increasingly ironic and contrived British guitar-pop scene. The Colleagues sound the way they do because this is the music they love, they probably don't care about looking cool or hanging out in the right places. They're more concerned with making sure their songs are right, not their hair. The 'Sweet Simple Colours' EP is pure, undiluted pop music made with a conventional band set-up.

I'll be willing to bet that there aren't many articles about this band that fail to mention The Sundays. That's alright though, The Sundays were a good band, and The Colleagues would probably take this as an excited compliment rather than sniff about how they don't even like The Sundays. This happy, lovable attitude comes pouring out of songs like 'I Can Never Be' and 'Take It Easy'. The spoken-word 'Intro (Perfect Utopia)' is like a modern day Shangri-Las and is simply lovely. 'Sweet Old Memory' is a surging and thrilling pop ride and the only way you'll dislike 'Daydream' is if you have no soul. There's a growing consensus that the UK indiepop scene is becoming tired and pretentious. Try the Eastern variety, you might find it much more rewarding.

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