Monday 29 April 2013

Sonic Hearts Foundation - Northern Lights

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Glasgow's Sonic Hearts Foundation have been on our radar since the release of their debut single last summer, although we have to admit they fell off it for a while as we had a long pause without hearing from them. The good news is that all is well in their camp and they will be releasing a new EP on June 10th, with single 'Northern Lights' acting as an enticing free gesture to lure you into sampling the whole EP. So from today (29th April) this song is available for you to download for naff all from the band's website.

That's something of a bargain really, as 'Northern Lights' is a step forward from their debut release and would be worth parting with your cash for. They've mastered the fine balance of big, booming anthem and discordant, lo-fi alternative pop/rock/shoegaze track. This is rich in atmosphere and flooded with thunderous drums and drawn-out guitars, the vocals shining through like the beam of a lighthouse through the thick fog of the music. It's sounding very big and very ambitious. An EP full of these should see them right.

Download 'Northern Lights' for free from Sonic Hearts Foundation's website

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