Sunday 14 April 2013

Wild Swim - Another Night

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Oxford's Wild Swim continue to impress with both their songwriting ability and their individuality. This is the third track we've featured by them and follows the highly impressive and unique sounding 'Echo' which showed they were experts in restraint and suspense, and also quite handy when it comes to creating a mood. These techniques were used again on 'Bright Eyes' with its dubby, nocturnal feel and minimalist arrangement, something that dozens have tried since The xx gave it the ability to bring in the cash, but something that few have succeeded with.

Both of those tracks appeared on their well-received debut EP, and now they've announced their second release; a single, 'Another Night', due out on May 6th. The good news is that they haven't messed too much with their successful formula. There's always temptation there to veer towards the commercial side of things, but it's better still if the commercial side of things veers towards you. So with their best song yet about to be released, we're hoping for some widespread coverage that will maybe influence a few more upcoming musicians out there.

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