Tuesday 30 April 2013

Life & Limb - Fool's Nest

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Historically, the city of New York has always had a strong connection with Italy (and we're not just talking Al Pacino films). In one way or another, this link continues with Life & Limb, the collaborative project of Italian Andrea Mangia and The Big Apple's own Mike McGuire. 'Fools Nest' is the title-track from their new EP, due on May 7th, and while it's a very good song, it's perhaps not surprising in terms of sound, picking up on some of the other alternative music emanating from New York (our knowledge of the scene in Lecce is sadly lacking).

It would be unfair to lump Life & Limb in with a pack of other bands though, as that all important factor, individuality, rears its pretty head on this song. Keeping a steady pace, 'Fool's Nest' admittedly steals its synth line straight from (we think) Gary Numan, but that's simply one part of a multi-tiered song that also flirts with dreampop and more conventional indie-type music. A good chorus is often the key to a song's success and that's also the case here. Plus the simple guitar solo towards the end doesn't do its cause any harm either. Nicely done.

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