Wednesday 24 April 2013

The Parade - A Night Like This

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One of the most important factors in separating good music from bad music depends not just on the songs or the musical ability, half of it's down to the passion, belief and determination of the band. If a group are just going through the motions or seem disinterested then the music will suffer, and more often than not fail completely. London band The Parade should have no problems in this department, and what's more, they appear to have good songs, so they're onto a winner on every level. New EP 'A Night Like This' is available now, and they've made this video for the title-track.

You can hear in their voices, in the way the guitar is scratchily strummed, the way the vocals overlay each other, the force, the determination and the certainty that this is a song they believe in and are, rightly, proud of. Not giving a shit might be perceived as being trendy, but actually giving a shit makes for much better music. And if anything is proved by this cacophony of apocalyptic indie-folk pounding it's that if you genuinely do care about your music and are willing to show it then you'll end up looking way cooler than a bunch of four blokes hiding behind fringes.

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