Sunday 28 April 2013

Jane Woodman: From Poéme Èlectronique to Teenage Red

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When I first recommended a friend of mine to check out San Francisco DIY artist Jane Woodman, who we previously wrote about here, her reaction was “OMG, I’m such a huge Lori Anderson fan and it’s as if you were reading my mind” - what she was referring to was not so much Jane’s music, but her incredible talent for several performing arts - video, live performance and the music itself, blending genres such as shoegaze, dreampop, experimental and darkwave. This has helped her to establish a strong local following in her native San Francisco and to win the hearts of a growing number of online followers.

Now just days away from the launch of 'Teenage Red', her first full-length, we are sharing news of her crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, which was launched to help her cover the costs of the mastering, manufacturing, and distribution of the new album. This campaign winds up on April 30, the same day that the album is to be launched, so time is of the essence to help make this a reality.

To give you an idea of what you may expect from this album, we're previewing tracks from the forthcoming release (above) and also including several from her debut EP 'Poéme Èlectronique' (2011) and the remix she did for Ummagma.

“I went into this album wanting to make it sound like what I heard in my head, only better. The lush, industrial sweep of sound is exactly what I was after.” Monte Vallier of Ruminator Audio is helping her to evaluate the final mixes and masters and Josh Bonati is mastering the album. “They both come from a long line of amazingness: The Soft Moon, Weekend, Wax Idols. Some of my favorite bands,” explains Jane.

Jane handles all her own recording, video production and management. She independently produced this album and is releasing it independently, with additional performances by drummers/producers PC Muñoz (on Reticulata) and Jon Weiss (on Anthropocene).“This full-length album has been a long time coming, and I am so psyched to finally release it ”.  I’m just as psyched to be able to finally download the finished product.

Jane Woodman's website

You can find Jane’s Indiegogo campaign page here

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