Thursday 25 April 2013

Inthemorning - Air.Water.Earth.Fire

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Russian band Inthemorning come to us with very little information, nothing more than that they're from Krasnoyask and have made an EP called 'Air.Water.Earth.Fire'. This gives us little chance of comparing this release to previous music they've made, if indeed they've made any at all, but we're here to judge this EP anyway, so here goes. The first pair of songs here, 'Cold Cruel Place' and 'By His Air' are decent enough alt-rock numbers. Nothing spectacular, and definitely nothing you won't get from a thousand other bands, although 'By His Air' gets progressively better as it goes on, so there is indication that they could have a firm grasp on what they're doing and have figured out how to make the songs work best. The EP definitely improves with repeat listens.

It's what follows that impresses more; 'Tundra (An Arctic Fox)' is full of math-rock guitars and the chorus is on the verge of being very special. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's certainly a cut above the norm. On 'Humanae Vitae' they come a little too close to generic western rock music, but it's not a bad song, it's just that you've heard it all before. The guitar saves it from being a wasted inclusion, and again it improves towards the end. Perhaps the best song they have here is 'Юла (Spinning Top)'; it's a driving song with near falsetto vocals and bounds along with great confidence, as though it knows it's on to something good. Here Inthemorning work best, it feels as though more effort has been made and that a spark of inspiration was lit somewhere. More like this will be just great, thanks!

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