Monday 29 April 2013

Saucy Monky - Trophy Girl (Part 2)

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If you want a handy summary of the music made by this Los Angeles band then take the following acts they've supported and imagine them all mushed together into one: PJ Harvey, Black Eyed Peas, P!nk, Wilco. Now that's quite a range there, from the super credible PJ Harvey to the currently laughable Black Eyed Peas. Yes, Saucy Monky (their spelling) walk a fine line of Wilco-esque alternative rock and P!nk-esque chart pap, but they navigate this route well on new EP 'Trophy Girl (Part 2)' which keeps itself on the decent side of things, chucking in just enough of a commercial sound to give them a fighting chance.

That said, they've already secured spots in films and gained a fair amount of coverage from their first incarnation in 2005. Here, 'Do I Have Your Attention' flits between alt-rock and, well rock, but the song is just about good enough to surpass any genre boundaries, and it's much the same with the more spacious 'Sleepwalking', another song that inhabits this happy middle-ground, it even contains the line "me, I like to straddle both camps" which is the perfect metaphor for their music. Finishing with '(My Girlfriend) Is Alcohol' we're given further proof that Saucy Monky know exactly what their sound is. It may be on a dividing line, but it's there by design.

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May 25 Los Angeles, CA
Jun 21 Los Angeles, CA
Jul 13 Santa Barbara, CA
Aug 23 Los Angeles, CA

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