Monday, 4 March 2013

Small Giant - Now We're Gone

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Hailing from Tuscany, the Small Giant in question here is Simone Stefanini, formerly a member of the group Verily So, and 'Now We're Gone' is his debut solo release which was recorded at home using "silly instruments". Something of a nostalgia trip, Small Giant says this record was a concept, loosely based around the music he was exposed to when growing up and also an exercise in melancholia. We can only guess his grew up in a mythical fantasy land, probably living next door to The Sound Of Arrows. There's even a bonus track if you download the EP, that bonus track being a cover of 'Neverending Story'. I think you get the idea that this is quirky and magical alt-pop from that alone. As for melancholia, well at the start it appears he must be getting confused.

The charmingly titled 'We Were Fuckers' opens the EP and is a nostalgic trip that details growing up to a lovably kooky and lush pop tune, it is like opening a door to another world. 'The Night Apollo Died' even sounds like a fantasy tale and is a rushing and twinkling proto-dance song, you can see what would attract him to 'Neverending Story', it's a similarly fanciful creation. If you come here on the promise of "melancholia" then it's from here on in that the likes of 'Murakami' and 'The Other Me' become more reflective and the tempo drops. With a female vocal the latter sounds like Kate Bush reimagined through a daydream. 'Divisi' is more an experimental piece than genuine melancholia but it's very nice with it and wouldn't sound out of place on Air's 'Moon Safari' album. The ace 'Another Way To Die' is the grand finale that wraps up this weird and wonderful little journey through sound.

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