Thursday 28 March 2013

Eyes On Film - Waking Up Dead

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OK, with all this gloomy post-punk/goth/new-wave going around at the moment there has to be a new scene set to break through at some point. Can any of these bands crack the charts and open the door? Right now it seems unlikely, but there are so many people on the same wavelength that it almost feels like the pressure is building, ready to explode like a volcano and have us all digging out old records by Sisters Of Mercy, Echo & The Bunnymen and Joy Division. London's Eyes On Film seem as likely as anyone to get the movement up to the next level. Their debut EP went down well, and they have a brand new single lined up for a May 6th release.

'Waking Up Dead' is going against the grain of current popular music, but it's not alone. The handy thing about Eyes On Film is that although you could never call them mainstream, their sound is big and bold and possibly built for wider appeal than many other shadowy bands lurking in the same circles. The production team have worked on big records before, so that certainly helps but doesn't scrub all the dirt off to make the song overly sanitised. It's easy to see how the more adventurous areas of the press and radio could jump on this one, then it's up to the people to vote by buying it.

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