Saturday 30 March 2013

Five For Free #169

Candy Says - Melt Into The Sun

This fine piece of alt-pop is the debut single from Candy Says, a band we know little about, but they've been playing live across the UK recently and despite the Italian website address, they appear to be from Oxford. I guess all will become clear in time. For now, you get to enjoy the excellent 'Melt Into The Sun' for the price of your choosing, including free, and they encourage you to share!

Candy Says' website

Buy the single

The OrangeTree EP - The Gift 

Yes, that is the actual band name. The OrangeTree EP are a psychedelic pop duo from London and 'The Gift' is being offered as an introductory free download. To us it sounds like Out Of My Hair if they did more acid and actually were from the 60s instead of just wanting to be. However you describe it, it's a woozy and dreamy track that certainly tickles our fancy.

The OrangeTree EP's website

Antimatter People - Only Ark

So it looks like this lot have dropped the "Yehan Jehan and" part of their name since we last featured them back in September and are now settling simply for Antimatter People. The sound is still slightly psychedelic though, but new track 'Only Ark' is more soulful and more modern than what we heard before. In fact we wouldn't be surprised if this lot start getting a lot more recognition soon.

Antimatter People's website

The Fiery Piano - More Like A Tiger, Less Like A Dove

There's an avalanche of terrific indie and pop music bombarding us from Sweden at the moment, and we love it. This is the first time we've heard The Fiery Piano but their new single 'More Like A Tiger, Less Like A Dove' is splendid. Again it's the perfect balance of melody, production and guitars, added to a simply great tune. They make this kind of thing seem easy.

Download 'More Like A Tiger, Less Like A Dove' for free by heading here

The Fiery Piano's website

Stream or buy the album

SWW - Close To The Equator

You're probably wondering, so we'll tell you. SWW stands for Sarah Williams White, who on this track has teamed up with producer Timmy Rickard to come up with a modern psychedelic soul number that spans the genres as well as anyone right now. 'Close To The Equator' should appeal to fans of indie, urban and more. Are we looking at a star on the rise here?

SWW's website

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