Sunday 24 March 2013

Brittsommar - Tell Me

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The project of Sawyer L Gebauer, Brittsommar are a unique sounding proposition. Locations are a little confused, but we think he's originally from Sweden and has recorded in Berlin. The first Brittsommar album 'Day Of Living Velvet' was made there, in an abandoned synagogue, but forthcoming second album 'The Machine Stops' was recorded in the US with a host of musicians from Europe and America and is due for release on April 4th, preceded by current single 'Tell Me', an unusual piece of dark folk.

One for fans of Nick Cave and other deep-voiced gloom-mongers, 'Tell Me' is all baritone vocals set to a jangly beat that makes for a strange contradiction. The whole song is seemingly at odds with itself; a mixture of this spooky and disturbed mood with certain jaunty aspects, it's not quite like anything we've heard so far. Lyrics like "is the moon really there when you're not looking?" only serve to make this track all the more fascinating and in a world of its own.

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  1. -Born in Wisconsin, usa

    -first album recorded there

    -met band in sweden

    -based in berlin 'the machine stops' recorded there

    1. Thanks, the press release was slightly broken English and tricky to understand:
      "From recording, nowadays Berlin outfit, Brittsommar’s first album Day of Living Velvet solo in an abandoned synagogue to working with artists and musicians from all over Europe and the US for the much anticipated second album to be released on April 4th 2013"