Wednesday 20 March 2013

Foxes in Fiction & Benoît Pioulard - Ground Glass

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Foxes in Fiction & Benoît Pioulard (Foxes In Fiction being the alias of Warren Hildebrand) have known each other for a while on the New York scene (despite Hildebrand being from Toronto and Pioulard from Michigan) and following a Foxes In Fiction gig in Canada the concept of collaborating together began to take shape a couple of years ago. Finally their debut release sees the light of day in the form of a 7" single. The two work well together, and the best part is that they're using this project to bring out their more experimental sides.

'Ground Glass' is stuck in a void between the expansiveness and slow, atmospheric dynamics of post-rock and the fuggy haze of shoegaze. There are samples and distant echoing vocals, but the overriding sound is a calming fuzz; the kind of steady distortion that lets your brain drift away for a while. It's most certainly not single material, which makes it all the more interesting that they've chosen such an ambient piece as their introductory offering. It's a good track, but if this is the radio-friendly single choice then just imagine what the rest of an album (should they make one) would sound like. The word glacial springs to mind.

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