Wednesday 27 March 2013

The Travelling Band - Hands Up EP

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It's a busy time for The Travelling Band who've marked their return with a month-long tour and also dropped in to record some session tracks for Marc Riley. They've also put out this free download EP 'Hands Up', the lead track from which is shortly to be released as a single, and then the whole lot is set to be followed by a new album later in the year. This is great news for their fans of course, and we'll say it's great news for music in general. You might be sick to death of the term "folk-rock" but these guys are a cut above and really should be described as alt-rock or indie with a slight penchant for the odd folky inflection here and there.

Both 'Hands Up' and 'Making Eyes' are full on band assaults and must sound pretty mighty when performed live, either would make grand single material but it's the former they're running with. There is just a touch more folk about 'Took My Soul' but it's not especially traditional. If you listened to the debut album by The Coral and were told that their elder brothers were in a band too, you could easily imagine they'd sound something like this. Wrapping things up is a live version of 'On The Rails', all eleven minutes of which their fans will have been enjoying at various venues across the UK. There's more news to come, so keep an eye on their site for details.

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  1. Such a great band, i'm hoping they'll play a few festivals this summer.