Sunday 24 March 2013

Divine Paiste - Dust In The Wild

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Firstly, what an unusual (in a good way) video. It is set in the past? Is it set in some fantasy world, or maybe even in a strange future or parallel universe? We'll leave you to work that one out, we can't make head nor tail of it, but it certainly holds your attention. Much like the song really, although this is far easier to position, being a very current mixture of alternative pop and indie sounds of the variety that are so popular right now. That said, not every band out there are doing it as well as Divine Paiste, and that's their spelling, not us being stupid.

They don't give away much info, which helps add to the mystery, but they've apparently been around since 2008, yet 'Dust In The Wild' is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming debut album. They have a Tumblr page which is in French, so maybe that's where the band originate from and they're only now releasing their music to the UK, we can't be sure. The important thing is that 'Dust In The Wild', interesting video or not, is a very good song, and you should make a note of the name.

Divine Paiste's website

Catch them live:

Apr 04 INFRARED, Orleans, France  
Apr 05 Le Temps Machine, Tours, France  
Apr 11 MJC Babylone Briancon, France  
Apr 13 Café-Musiques PORTAIL COUCOU, Salon De Provence, France
Apr 18 L'Intermédiaire Marseille, France  
Apr 20 Cri de la Mouette, Toulouse, France

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