Tuesday 26 March 2013

Slighter - Just A Side Effect (Feat. John Girgus)

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

It's not just us that are in a permanent state of confusion. Boston producer/musician Slighter releases all his material on his own Confusion Inc. imprint. You may be a touch confused by the sounds that he makes too, not because they're skull-splittingly awful, but because of just how eclectic his material is. His album 'The Perfectly Damaged' is being remastered with additional tracks added and you'll find many different styles from hip-hop to experimental indie and dreampop. One of our favourites, 'Just A Side Effect', doesn't even stick to one genre for the whole song.

Featuring a guest spot from Aberdeen man John Girgus, this track takes in early sampling techniques and some bass that could be borrowed from 'Blue Monday', trip-hop beats and a vocal that would suit more a indie/dreampop sound. There's even a whiff of shoegaze about some of the droning effects in the background. Then, when you're not really expecting it, the song flowers into a woozy acoustic psych number for a few seconds before ending with backwards guitar. So Slighter is a man with plenty of ideas, and he's certainly not afraid to use them.

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