Saturday 30 March 2013


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Last summer we ran an 'Artist To Check Out' feature on COLOUR OF BONE, the only problem being that we had few details besides both George Martin and Dr. Dre being influences, and a solitary (but very good) song in 'Sympathiser'. Several months on and we can tell you little else about who they are (we're now pretty sure the project is a "they"), only that they will be releasing their debut single on May 1st as a download or limited edition CD from their website. They've also made a typically mysterious animated video to go with it.

Let's cut to the song. 'Low Mode' begins as though it'll be a crunching electro-metal track, when really it's a crunching electro-rock track. Not much difference? Well maybe, but the important thing is that they're not focusing on a heavy sound, they're focusing on the song and it just happens to be that in order to drill the message home they need a little brute force on occasion. It's an abrasive one, that's for sure, a bit like The Big Pink when they were good and had bite to their songs. Hopefully these guys/girls can repeat some of that band's success.

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