Sunday 24 March 2013

Stone Cold Fox - Seventeen

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Having trouble getting over that guy or girl who's just left you broken-hearted? Don't worry. New York indie-rock band Stone Cold Fox have some novel ideas for banishing the blues and helping you move on. These mainly involve intense pestering and torture as well as not leaving you alone or giving you a moment's peace. We think we'd pass on their methods, but it seems to work for the guy in the video. Following up last year's 'The Young' EP which was very much in the vein of US blue-collar alt-rock, 'Seventeen' is a leap forward and a better tune.

Less in thrall to their heroes, Stone Cold Fox have made a livelier and more individual song here, and one that hits you first time too. You won't need several spins to get to grips with it, 'Seventeen' is a good old fashioned piece of powerpop with catchy melodies and bundles of energy. The guitars are taken from garage and punk, the melodies from anthemic indie and the style from generations of guitar-pop bands. It's that classic combination that, when combined with a song as good as this, rarely lets you down.

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Apr 20 Skidmore College Saratoga Springs, NY  
Apr 27 Beat Kitchen Chicago, IL

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