Saturday 30 March 2013

The Choo Choo Trains - I Choo Choo Chose You! EP

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Well with a band and EP name like that you're already expecting fey, cutsie indiepop, aren't you? Sure enough, that's what's duly delivered. The Choo Choo Trains are an all-girl trio from London and we're guessing the EP title is taken from The Simpsons. If "indiepop" or "twee" are words you're sick of, then they have their own handy description of their music: "girl-guide shoegaze". Yeah that's a good name, but bugger it, this is indiepop through and through (sorry). It's high-calibre stuff though, if you can imagine a less orchestrated Camera Obscura then you're halfway there. The vocals on 'Save Me' certainly have a hint of the Tracyanne Campbells about them.

The songs here are a touch more skeletal and those usual bedfellows of 60s girl-pop and 80s DIY indie are married together in adorable fashion. There's a gentle buzz to 'The Most Beautiful Boy' which is pleasantly warming; these are fragile but pretty songs that only the cold-hearted could hate. For extra glitter see the wistful 'Futile' and for extra retro chord-changes see the lovely instrumental 'Breezy Iz' which introduces a touch of surf guitar towards the end. Finishing this set is the piano-led 'No. 38 To Your Heart', a sweet love song that barely manages to hold itself together, which is just how it should be. These are all borrowed sounds but they combine brilliantly and this EP is a delight.

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