Sunday 17 March 2013

Harts - Offtime EP

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OK so the spring fever seems to have made the whole world go mad for alt-pop tunes. There's no escaping them at the moment, and it's a welcome relief from the usual acts who the industry have nailed to the charts. Loads of this is coming from Australia, so we'll blame it on the summer months they've been enjoying down there. Melbourne artist Darren Hart writes, records and produces all his music as Harts and has jut released the 'Offtime' EP which is another one that blends styles like a load of old records being thrown into a cement mixer. There's funk, there's guitars, there's electro-pop, there's even disco, but it's all up to scratch.

Disco/funk is often something we can take or leave; very few do it well, but this is a personal opinion. Check out 'The Music' and 'All Too Real' for examples of the decent stuff here. Decent and with potential to break big. So there's a chance that with more of the same, Harts could weasel his way in amongst the usual big sellers. Like things a bit more alternative? Well there's nothing here that you could call avante-garde or barrier-breaking, but 'Back To The Shore' is a big, Friendly Fires-type indie/dance number and 'Vampire' is just a tad harder-edged. Finally it's back to some disco-funk for party anthem 'Offtime'. I'm sure it sounds a bit better down there in the sun than it does up here in the rain.

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