Friday 22 March 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Autumn Owls - Arched Pines (Acoustic)

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You may recall that back in October we reviewed the debut album by Dublin trio Autumn Owls. They've now reworked the album making all the tracks acoustic. Usually this would be a bad thing, a simple strum through the songs, but not in this instance. Rather than simply strip things down they rearranged and reinvented these tunes, making for an album that's an equal to 'Between Buildings, Towards The Sea' in every way.

If you're viewing an acoustic album as a step away from technology then think again. This week also sees the launch of Autumn Owls' very own app! This includes the album and more. Different songs are being given away by different sites who've supported the band in the past. We've been lucky enough to get the premier of single 'Arched Pines', a definite album highlight which you can download for free below. Check their website or have a hunt around for more!

Autumn Owls' website

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