Friday 22 March 2013

Groove-A-Matics - Gotta Use What You've Got

Album review by Marcus Leyton

Track number ten of this LP from the (interestingly titled) Groove-A-Matics is called 'Good Ol' Blues', and if there’s one song to sum up this new LP then that's it. It covers the life of blues in the rock 'n' roll era and typifies the predominant sound of this album; scuzzy, dusty blues with a bassy vibe and a fantastic, traditional sound.

The classic 12 bar structure is in evidence throughout (highlights include 'Lucky Day', 'Misdemeanor', 'Good Man', 'I Know') and the production calls to mind the stereotypical images of dark, roots bars somewhere in New Orleans; you can almost taste the smoke in the air and see the top down spotlight on the small stage. A romantic, idyllic image maybe, but this has the atmosphere to carry it off.

This is the real thing, carefully constructed with modern techniques to sound like a collection of songs from the rasping old school. The baritone of the vocal is the final touch that sells it. Grimy blues from a band who know what they’re doing, and are far less cheesy than the band name suggests.

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