Monday 18 March 2013

Be The Bear - Bump

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Here's the latest offering from Danish/Swedish duo Be The Bear who we've been following since the middle of last year. After the beefier pop of 'Coffee Kids' and the gentle fade of 'Bad Things', this new release sees them take their electronic alt-pop to a lighter and more honeyed place. So if you like your music dark and brooding then turn back now. If you're a fan of pop and consider tunes over style then read on. And by the way, we're not saying this song is devoid of style by any means, it's purely that the main focus is the song.

Production-wise 'Bump' is fairly twee and makes no attempt to hide the fact. The shrill vocals are cute and cuddly and and the electronics are sparkly and primitive but they combine together well. This pair must be stacking up the tunes by now, so maybe we'll get an album before the year's out, and with the latest Passion Pit album passing by without anyone giving it a second look there could be a Be The Bear-shaped gap in the market to be filled for those who like their pop alternative and with an extra teaspoon of sugar.

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