Wednesday 20 March 2013

Skruncha-roo - Atman

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Fancy getting weirded out for a few minutes? Then check out the video to this single from Skruncha-roo. That strange humanoid you see above? That's the star of the show; a deity that is released by a girl carrying out a ritual that involves sacrificing an animal and performing a ceremony which takes place under a full moon. There are strange and creepy shots and flashes as she makes her way through the mist collecting the plants she needs for the unusual, almost pagan-like spell. When everything is in place in a derelict house in the middle of the countryside, this being comes to life.

And boy is it a freaky looking thing. Creepy and androgynous as it makes its way through the forest to a river. We can't really make head nor tail of it but I guess that's the whole point and we give the director full marks for originality. By the way, the song, 'Atman', is a cracking tune too, it feels like the next step for the witch-house movement, deep bass and dark moods; it's unsettling enough on its own and definitely shows a talent at work. Don't watch it before bed though, it'll probably give you nightmares.

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