Monday 25 March 2013

XNY - Where We Went

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Last summer we did a 'Band To Check Out' feature on Brooklyn duo ,XNY, two musicians who initially got together after hearing each other practicing through their thin apartment walls. Since then they've released their debut album together, naturally it's called 'Through The Wall' and they've recently had a new video made for the track 'Where We Went'. It's always fascinating to hear the tales of how music can come together by chance like this, had those walls been a bit thicker, or had there been another apartment in between, we might have nothing at all from either artist.

'Where We Went' is a very minimal track, especially the first half. But minimal what? Is it folk? Is it indie? Maybe neither, maybe both, whatever, it's a very sweet song and the video at first seems slow-paced and minimal too. But looking at it again it's very much about the effect of light and shade and how they play upon different surfaces, particularly water. You could say that this initially simple looking concept perfectly mirrors the song, and you eventually realise that both have much more going on than first meets the eye or the ear.

Video directed by Serena Reynolds:

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