Sunday 31 March 2013

Black Manila - Shake That Thing

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These guys are already beginning to make a bit of a splash and they're still in the process of writing their debut album. The first few singles have already led to a European tour and a rapidly growing fanbase. Black Manila released their first single in 2011, so they've had a couple of years to perfect their garage-punk sound, a sound that recalls the rougher garage bands of the 1960s. You can hear traces of The Iguanas and even The Monks, as well as the proto-punk of Johnathan Richman.

It curious that their name begins with the word "Black", because as far as current groups go, this trio share much in common with The Black Lips. Maybe they could be considered a UK equivalent, as new single 'Shake That Thing' is strong enough to stand up to most tracks that their US counterparts have released. It's definitely an addictive little number. With so many dates booked it would suggest a confidence in their live ability, so we'd recommend catching them if you can, and we're already anticipating that album. One of the best and shabbiest new garage bands we've heard for a while.

Black manila's website

'Shake That Thing' is available on 7" on April 1st from RIP Records

Catch them live:

3rd April, Maddame Moustache, Brussels (Belgium)
4th April, Ecuyes, Caen (France)
5th April, Pub Murrayfield, Bourges (France)
6th April, Cafe Pompiere, Bordeaux (France)
7th April, Ibu Hots, Vitoria (Spain)
8th April, TBA
9th April, Le Stakhanov, Nantes (France)
10th April, Au Singe En Hiver, Le Mans (France)
11th April, Howlin Banana, Paris (France)
12th April, L'Emporium Galorium, Rouen (France)
13th April, Belvadere, Namur (Begium)
15th April, White Trash, Berlin (Germany)
16th April, Prinz Willy, Kiel (Germany)
17th April, Lilla Hotellbaren, Stockholm (Sweden)
18th April, Drone, Copenhagen (Denmark)
19th April, Radar, Aarhus (Denmark)

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