Tuesday 19 March 2013

Plymouth Fury - Vaudeville

Album review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

This new album from French rockers Plymouth Fury wears its influences on its sleeve. Over eight tracks they chop and change between riffs, licks, thrash, garage and blues. Their third release since forming in 2007, 'Vaudeville' spans decades of guitar sounds in the space of half an hour. Beginning with the bluesy 'Baiona De Noche' with its clear Hendrix influence, we move seamlessly from one era to another. Following that French sung track is the English punk of 'The Basement' which is a right royal racket that captures the spirit of 1977 with the hindsight to only nick the good bits.

If you do like a bit of blues mixed into your rugged guitar tunes then the raw 'Ajo y Aqua' is about as primitive as rock music can get but is given a lick of blues guitar over the top of it for added colour. We've been celebrating dozens of American bands for making noises like this for years now, there's no reason why this French mob shouldn't get a bit of love too. They carry it off with the same conviction and are maybe a bit less dull than many compatriots. This is proved as the second half of 'Ajo y Aqua' leaves behind its primitive beginnings and flowers into an MC5-style riot.

They can do post-punk too. 'Maelstrom Libido' is still made from walls of electric guitar but livens the formula up by variation and replicates the time when those pioneers took the worn-out genre of punk and used its ideals to carve a whole new musical landscape. They switch again on I Love You Leigh', an almost ballad-like track that is part Echo & The Bunnymen and part Pavement. Somehow they mix garage, blues and Gang Of Four together on 'Tati' and it works a treat. They live those riff-tastic Led Zeppelin dreams out on 'Black Ravines' before finishing with more epic post-punk on 'The Snake'. If you're yet to hear them then Plymouth Fury are a great little find.

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