Wednesday 27 March 2013

Christopher - Lovely Girl/Sweet La-Di-Da, Ta Ta

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San Francisco was the home to a lot of psychedelic pop back when the first wave hit in the 1960s, and Christopher obviously wants this tradition to continue. You weren't expecting anything else from a cover like that, were you? As you may have gathered from the track names, his take on this is somewhat twee and leans more to the pop side of things than the psychedelic side, but there's a definite borrowing from the past. There's little in the way of distortion of walls of sound like you may expect from much psych revivalists, this is a quite stripped-back record in fact.

The simple melodies and brass that make up 'Lovely Girl' are more 'Penny Lane' than 'Strawberry Fields Forever' and the song is definitely made for summer. B-side 'Sweet La-Di-Da, Ta Ta' has the most fey title we've heard for a while and mixes jazzy drum brushes with twinkling pop that's quite minimal although full of melody. Both songs are nice enough listens, but it would be great to see Christopher venturing further into the murky world of psych-pop and seeing what warped gems he can recover from down there.

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