Friday 29 March 2013

D. Vassalotti - L'ange Rouge

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He's been a busy man of late has D. Vassalotti. Not only is he the guitarist in Merchandise who release their debut album next week (on which they got to work with Sonic Boom), plus the millions of live dates they've got lined-up for the rest of the year, but he's also made a solo record. The five-track 'Live In Infinity' has been released by Night People on cassette (you can find that here if you scroll down) and download, and by the sounds of it he's taking this opportunity to be a little more experimental.

'L'ange Rouge' is an unusual track. The first half is little more than a processed beat that sounds like the preset from one of the crap keyboards you had at school, with some reverb-heavy vocals over the top. It's interesting more than impressive. That all changes though, as from behind the only occasionally decipherable vocals a gentle melody begins to swell up, seemingly from nowhere, and is joined by fuzzy guitar. The sounds all merge together into a quite pleasant musical concoction that's still totally left-field, but sudenly makes a whole lot of sense.

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