Thursday 28 March 2013

This Vision - Hungry Heart

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Where would we be without Sweden having a wealth of amazing bands combining indie and pop music? I dread to think, but we'd be worse off. With albums to come from Sad Day For Puppets and Sambassadeur this year things are already looking rosy, plus the recent return of The Mary Onettes and Shout Out Louds won't have gone unnoticed. But it's not the same few bands, there are loads waiting to be discovered. This is the first track we've heard by The Vision, a synth-pop duo who've been around since 2009, and their new single is pretty special.

Strong on melody throughout (they must sell the stuff in supermarkets over there or something), 'Hungry Heart' is an indiepop song of impeccable quality. It occupies the space between The Mary Onettes and The Sound Of Arrows, a place we didn't know existed until now, but we're sure glad it does. There may be an element of guilty pleasure about this song, it's not cutting edge, it's not innovative, it's just amazingly instant pop perfection. They should sell this single with about a dozen tracks on it, all of this song. That way we wouldn't need to skip back each time we get to the end. Poptastic.

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