Saturday 16 March 2013

Spilt Milk - Tea At The Palaz Of Hoon

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Is it just us or are there a disproportionately large number of bands with "milk" in their name at the moment? Milk Music, Milk & Biscuits, Milk+, Milk Maid... it seems like a strange trend. Still, we can add Spilt Milk to that list, although they've been around a couple of years, so you may be up to speed with them already, especially if you live in their homeland of The Netherlands. An album was released earlier this year and is free to download from Bandcamp. The lyrics for their songs are inspired by or taken from a selection of poems by Wallace Stevens who did most of his work in the early 20th century.

New single 'Tea At The Palaz Of Hoon' also takes inspiration from a Wallace Stevens poem of the same name, first published in 1923. Musically it would feel wrong to ride roughshod over lyrics of this variety with any kind of extreme or ill-fitting style of music. They wouldn't suit metal, they wouldn't suit house and they wouldn't suit chart-pop. Spilt Milk have got it bang on by going for a gentle folk drone over the top of these words and it sounds made to match. There's a simplicity to the music which helps keep the attention on the lyrics, and brings them to life that little bit more too. We have to conclude that this is tastefully done.

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Spilt Milk's 'Funeral Blues' EP is released on May 13th

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