Sunday 31 March 2013

The Winter Tyres - Tired Of Winter EP

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Have this trio of Belgians hit upon the perfect EP to encapsulate what we're all thinking in one handy six-song package? A bit like how 'Umbrella' by Rihanna stayed at number one for most of the wettest summer we'd had for years a while ago? We think they have it in a nutshell, and we also think they have possible psychic abilities for releasing a record with that name and that cover at the start of April. Take that, Met Office! In truth the songs themselves don't particularly focus on the weather, they're not British (although some songs were written by Brian from The Bordellos) so they probably don't feel the need to mention all thing meteorological at every given moment. No, The Winter Tyres instead sing lo-fi, acoustic indie tunes with a nod to 60s pop.

There's no real big lead-track here, all half a dozen are pretty much on a par with each other. It's the melodies that lead the parade, and with such a simplistic arrangement they need to be strong. This is particularly noticeable on 'Stuck On A Memory Of You', the twinkling 'Setting Sun' and the equally twinkling 'The Boy Next Door'. 'Sparking Eyes' relies on raising the tempo to keep a decent amount of vitality flowing. You'll be hard pushed to find a song as sweet and sad at the same time as 'Impossible'. 'Tired Of Winter' isn't en EP that will blow your mind, but then it's not trying to. The aim here is for pure, simple pop songs that are good enough to be presented without airbrushing or make-up, and that's something that's achieved with flying colours.

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