Wednesday 20 March 2013

Á La Punk - Ignore The Bombs EP

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One of the best things about being involved with new music sites, even smaller ones like this, is that we often get to hear bands from the very beginning. Demos, live recordings and bedroom tapes all commonly find themselves dropping into our inbox. One of the most impressive we received for quite some time was Á La Punk's 'Bedroom Tapes: Volume 1'. This was a collection of homemade tunes that were of a higher standard than many professional releases. Forget the songs, we're talking about the production; even professionals (especially those looking for a lo-fi sound) would have struggled to add much. Back to the songs... well, they were really quite good too. For what was essentially a load of demos this collection was towards the top of the scale.

Following that set comes new EP 'Ignore The Bombs', one track from the 'Bedroom Tapes' survives here ('Fuzzy') but the other trio of songs are all new. So we're looking at quite a prolific work rate, especially considering that the standard is just as high. These songs do have a DIY sound, but not a shoddy or accidental one, this is simply a preference to avoid the sticky gloss that clogs up so much music. Those electronic glitches are still here and they flutter about in the background of acoustic number 'Rubber Finger Blues'; diversity is shown again too, and 'City' is a soulful alt-pop track, a bit like an English Beck. It's driven by organ and a bigger beat. This eclecticism is proven further when the trip-hoppy 'Punch Drunk' is given an eastern flavour with what sounds like a sitar. This is another set of high quality alt-pop songs. Someone get this man a deal.

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  1. I just discovered this music and one has to say that this guy is a real genius from what i have heard so far but there's very little information about him anywhere online except for one interview i found. Fingers crossed there will be more music soon.

    1. Hi Lloyd,

      There's more here -

      And yes, there should be more music soon I'm told!