Sunday 24 March 2013

Automatic Children - Johnny

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More indie-rock from the city that never sleeps? Go on then, they have a knack of incubating great guitar bands there, so let's check out the new single from Automatic Children. These guys have actually been around for a few years and have a handful of releases to their name, including a debut album. They deal in the type of to-the-point guitar music that is ingrained in New York's heritage, taking elements from the 1970s garage and punk scene right through to the revival that's kept websites like us swamped with decent music for the last few years. So they're not at the forefront of a new scene, instead they're a worthy addition to one of the best areas for music culture in North America.

'Johnny' has ringing guitar strums and a simple lead over the top, it has vocals that are half screamed with passion and it has an irresistible and toe-tapping feel in general. It all seems so simple, and this is regular verse, chorus, verse format, we're not looking at much in the way of experimentation, but although the format may be well worn, coming up with the goods song-wise is the challenge, and it's one that Automatic Children have managed to master on this lo-fi and buzzing punky pop tune. Long may they continue to fly the flag for simple, quality music.

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